Create a Great Dining Experience with Sea Island Saltworks

Now you can get the taste of the great Chicago and New York steakhouses at home by simply seasoning your steak with Sea Island Saltworks and lighting your grill. So pour your favorite beverage, sit back, and create one of America’s great dining experiences in your own backyard.

After 25 years of traveling America and seeking out the great steak and chop houses along the way, Steve and Margaret Bond began to notice the exceptional flavor spectrum of the seasoned beef and other meats served in some of America’s top restaurants. After unsuccessfully attempting to find these seasonings commercially, the Bonds began to ask the chefs in their favorite steak houses to share their secrets of seasoning and preparing meats. Using this new information, the Bonds went to work again, and after considerable trial and error, they finally found the perfect combination that most closely replicated the flavors they were searching for.

The Bonds expected that other people must be looking for the same flavors and techniques to bring into their homes and began to ask friends and family for their thoughts. The net result of these inquiries was a confluence of ideas and ingredients that became Sea Island Saltworks.

Purchase Sea Island Saltworks today and experience the exceptional flavor for yourself.

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